Information for studies involving autism

We usually collect Data at your home at a convenient day and time so that your children are as comfortable as possible.Child watching Intermodal Preferential Looking Video at home.

The complete study program involves 6-7 visits, which usually take place at your home on a day and time that is convenient for you. Except for the very first one, the visits all follow the same general format:

For Visit 1, when we arrive we spend some time getting your child comfortable with us, and then carry out some developmental “games”. We also will ask you a series of questions about your child’s development.

Visit 2 usually occurs in the same week as Visit 1, and now we begin to show your child the language comprehension videos. So when we come in, we set up our laptop, projector, and screen, and your child gets to sit in a familiar chair and watch the videos (only 5 minutes each!) that look at how children learn what words mean or what sentences mean. Your child will be recorded during this part so that we can later code your child’s eye movements using our programs back in the lab.

Each subsequent visit will occur every four months for two years. These visits will follow the same format as the second visit, with only minor alterations. Sometimes, your child will see the same video across several visits to establish that s/he understands that particular aspect of language. But also, as your child grows and develops, we will show different (more advanced) videos and play different developmental “games.”