Information for studies involving Toddler’s Language understanding

  1. Child watching Intermodal Preferential Looking videos in the lab. You are greeted at the entrance to the parking lot, shown to our assigned parking spot, and escorted up to our child-friendly room.
  2. Your child plays in the playroom, giving him/her time to get used to us.
  3. You and your child go to the next-door “TV room” to watch our 5-10 minute videos. Your toddler sits in a secure seat and you are right behind! The side-by-side TV’s are in front of your child.
  4. The videos show children or costumed animals doing all sorts of actions. Most children enjoy the videos but if your child does become fussy we stop the study. It is most important to us that your child is happy and comfortable.
  5. We observe how long your child looks at each video screen to see when they match the language with the video (e.g. one TV could show a girl rolling a ball while the other shows the girl throwing the ball and the audio is “where’s she throwing it?”) By examining overall looking patterns at a given age we can see when verbs, sentences, and grammar are learned.
  6. Once the videos are over, we go back to the playroom and do a developmental game with your child. The game involves various toys and activities that are generally fun for your child. The whole session lasts about an hour and it’s fun from start to finish!
  7. As a thank-you for your participation your child gets a UConn Child Language Lab t-shirt!